Water and land-based transportation for people and cargo.

Critically important to all operations around the reservoir…

we can make sure your people and products are safely moved by land or water.

Our experienced, local drivers are familiar with routes, camp locations, and weather conditions as they are regularly travelling between Tsay Key Dene village, Mackenzie and the mines and installations around the territory.  We undertake contract haulage projects, transport logs, and transport and deliver equipment among other transportation tasks.

CCI operates a fleet of tug boats, barges and crew transport boats up and down the Williston Reservoir and into the three reaches.

We can work as regularly a contracted transport partner or on an as needed basis.  Our facilities in Mackenzie conduct regular maintenance of all our vehicles to ensure dependability and maximum uptime.  Our drivers and boat captains are extensively trained in personal as well as passenger safety as our first priority.