Water Based Operations

Safely transporting people and cargo around the Williston Reservoir

Our experienced crew operates our fleet between Mackenzie, Tsay Keh Dene village and other shore locations.

We also conduct annular projects to remove debris and improve air quality around the reservoir.

The Williston Reservoir is a vital waterway for the transportation of lumber, crew and cargo around the region that includes Tsay Keh Dene, Mackenzie and other communities along the three reaches.

Chu Cho Industries maintains a small watercraft fleet of a tug, two barges and crew transport boats.  Our experienced crew are deeply knowledgeable about the reservoir, lake conditions and shoreline. We can be trusted to provide safe and efficient transportation of timber, freight and personnel around Williston Reservoir.

CCI is also contracted to provide ongoing debris management in the reservoir and annual dust mitigation work.  These projects contribute to the improvement of waterways safety and air quality surrounding the reservoir.    Services provided here includes removal of logs from creeks and channels to improve the inflow of waters and ecosystem health.  We also create merchantable timber by dewatering logs, optimizing every available resource.  Many Nation members are employed to conduct these projects as part of our economic development plan.