We have the experience, professionalism and skill to get the job done.

We are proud of our accomplishments over our ten year history.

We look forward to contributing more to the sustainable development of resources in the Nation’s territory.

Williston Reservoir dust mitigation photo

Williston Reservoir Dust Mitigation

Annual contract completed when water levels are low and sandy beaches are exposed.  Goal is to improve air quality around the reservoir.  Includes transportation of crews, erection of sprinkler facilities and safety training.  A number of Tsay Keh Dene Nation members are regularly employed on this project.

Williston Reservoir Debris Removal

Cleanup of log debris flows that obstruct creek channels causing environmental concerns, eliminates areas from recreational use, and are a safety hazard. Combines tug and barge operations with heavy equipment use on land. Completed annually with participation of TSK members.

Road Maintenance

Chu Cho Industries holds renewable road maintenance contracts in and around the Williston Reservoir and completes these works for clients such as FLNRO, Conifex, Canfor and Dunkley Lumber and other resource industry groups.

Timber Harvesting

Awarded annual contracted by licenses holders to conduct large clearing harvesting operations up to 200,000 cubic meters.

Tug and barge hauling trucks


Crew transportation, contract haulage, timber haulage, freight support.

Kemess Mine – 2019 KUG Drilling Support

Chu Cho Industries supplied heavy earthwork equipment to re-open previously reclaimed drill trails and construct new drill pads and associated spur trails.  Support was also provided by CCI as required to move drilling equipment, provide reclamation works and general site access maintenance.

Camp Construction

Chu Cho helped construct 2 camps:  Mesilinka Camp for Dunkley Lumber and Swannell Camp for Conifex Timber.  We also built and run our own camp, Collins Bay.